Monday, January 9, 2012

How to Use Documents in the Cloud

How to Use Documents in the Cloud -

iWork just got a lot more mobile

Besides contacts and calendars, your documents are some of the most important files in your digital life. With the iWork suite, and a trip to on your Mac or PC, you can keep them in sync across all your computers and iOS devices. Just log in, click the iWork icon, and then choose an iWork application at the top of the screen. Drag files associated with the application (including iWork ’09, Office, or .txt and .csv documents) into your browser to upload them to iCloud. You can also click the gear icon to upload files through a conventional Finder interface, and even search for documents. Once files are in the cloud, you can browse them by application, select and Control-click documents to duplicate or delete them, or download files on other computers in the their original formats (and alternates like .pdf). Documents stored on count against your storage limit, just like your other synced data.

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