Tuesday, November 29, 2011

iCloud Documents sync for Snow Leopard, using DropBox

iCloud Documents sync for Snow Leopard, using DropBox - For various reasons, I will not switch to Lion on my work MacBook Pro for a while. Still, I am interested to share some of my documents over iCloud between my iPad/iPhone/MBP (running Snow Leopard), and I also have an iMac at home running Lion.

What I did on my iMac running Lion is to link (with ln -s) the iCloud 'Mobile Documents' folder (in ~/Library) to my Dropbox folder with something like (substitute the actual user's short name for 'username' in the command):

ln -s /Users/username/Library/Mobile Documents /Users/username/Dropbox/iCloud

Then, on the MacBook Pro, the shared documents are available in the ~/DropBox/iCloud folder.

For example GoodReader on the iPad has iCloud support, so I can directly put PDFs from my MacBook Pro in this directory, and they appear directly in GoodReader. As soon as other iOS programs support Documents on iCloud, this will be extended to them as well.

You can also ...

(Via MacOSXHints.com.)

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