Monday, August 29, 2011

Rumor: Amazon Tablet to Cost Much Less Than the iPad

Rumor: Amazon Tablet to Cost Much Less Than the iPad -

amazontabletWhile we anxiously await what Apple has up its sleeve in the next iPhone, another tech giant seems to have something coming down their respective pipeline.  According to the New York Post, Amazon is planning to release their own version of a tablet in September or October.  The kicker though?  The company is reportedly planning to release it for "hundreds less" than Apple's entry-level iPad 2.

According to the report, aggressive pricing is a crucial factor in Amazon's hopeful success within the tablet market.  BGR also notes that Amazon is working on two tablets - one, being dubbed "Coyote," which is to be an entry-level dual-core version and the other, a high-end quad-core, named "Hollywood."  One of the versions is to be revealed in the coming weeks.  The tablets are expected to feature Android, and may come heavily customized, including integration of the Amazon Appstore, the Kindle eBook store, Amazon's Cloud Drive service and more.

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