Thursday, April 28, 2011

Apple's Cloud Service To Be Free - But Not Forever

Apple's Cloud Service To Be Free - But Not Forever -

cloudAs we continue to await what Apple may have in store when it comes to their cloud-music service, one tidbit came out today that may or may not have been expected.  Music industry leaders reportedly indicated that Apple made it known that they would offer the service free of charge initially, but would eventually require a fee.

Apple and Google had started to discuss plans over a year ago with the largest four recording companies about giving users the ability to upload their songs to the companies' servers.  The music would then be streamed to users' Internet-connected devices.

Thus far, Apple has a deal with Warner Music Group, but the search engine giant's negotiations with the four top labels have fizzled. 

What's interesting is that DVD sales have begun to taper off as more consumers venture off to Netflix.  What will remain to be seen is if the same thing will happen for the music industry. 

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