Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Track Your New Apple iPad (or Any) Shipment on iOS Devices

Track Your New Apple iPad (or Any) Shipment on iOS Devices -

When it comes to the latest rumors and press releases, there are plenty of places to turn to for information. But once you commit to a purchase, it can feel like you’re all alone.  Luckily, there are some great apps to track your purchase (Apple or otherwise) post-purchase on your iOS device.

There’s an App for That!

Delivery Status TouchDelivery Status Touch ($4.99, iTunes) – Junecloud makes what is likely the most popular package tracking solution for the iOS, Mac and the Web.  This universal app looks great on both the iPhone and the iPad, and the Dashboard Widget for OS X maintains the same styling as its iOS sibling.  Supporting over thirty services including Amazon, Apple and Google, this app has your packages covered. You can even create an online account to keep all of your deliveries in sync.

Track ThisTrackThis ($0.99, iTunes) – Fragmented Tech has opted to focus on push notifications rather than style, building in email, SMS, RSS, Twitter and Facebook support for notifications every time your package moves. On the downside, it only supports 13 services, and the non-universal iPhone app doesn’t look too good on the iPad.

Track The PackTrackThePack ($1.99, iTunes) – Sabotage has found yet a third angle to focus on, and that is an abundance of ways to enter your tracking information.  From email, to Firefox extensions, to Bookmarklets, to OpenSearch support and even its own shortened URL service, TrackThePack certainly has its extras. Unfortunately, it supports just eight services and also isn’t as stylish as Delivery Status Touch on the iPad.

There’s One More Thing…

Flight Stats

Just when you thought you had every angle covered, it turns out you can even track the flight your Apple package is on.  Especially if you customized your order, you’ll notice that it is likely shipping via FedEx from Shanghai, China through Anchorage, Alaska, and finally on to your specific location.  Using a site like FlightStatus, you can use the information on your FedEx tracking information to check the departure times of FedEx (FX) flights from Shanghai (PVG) to Anchorage (ANC).  From the FlightStatus Home Page, select “Flight Tracker” from the “Flights” menu and enter FX as the Carrier, PVG as the Departure Airport, and ANC as the Arrival Airport. Tracking your package’s flight may be a bit extreme, but what are Apple fans if not zealous?

(Via TheAppleBlog.)

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