Wednesday, March 16, 2011

5 Tricks for Customizing and Improving Gmail

5 Tricks for Customizing and Improving Gmail -

Google astonished everyone by launching Gmail back in 2004 with a then-generous 1GB of storage; today, that’s climbed to 7.3GB. Thanks to all that space—along with threaded conversations, a powerful spam filter, conversation labels, and more—Gmail remains a standout amid other free webmail products that have been around much longer. Here’s how to tap all that power under its hood.

Email From Other Accounts

Which account do you want to use today?

Gmail’s features are great, but what if you don’t want to change your email addresses? You don’t have to. Gmail comes with a built-in POP fetcher, which can retrieve messages from up to five existing email accounts and drop them in your Gmail inbox. You can also set up multiple From addresses that match your existing accounts. This way, when you send an email in Gmail, you can have it originate from your Gmail account or from your alternate From addresses. To start using other email addresses within Gmail, go to Settings and enter your other account details in the Accounts tab.

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