Tuesday, April 29, 2014

1Password 4.5 Review

1Password 4.5 Review -

The recent Heartbleed bug managed to turn even the most secure Internet passwords into a potential security risk, but for those smart enough to invest in good password management software, the situation appears considerably less dire. 1Password is hands-down the best such solution, and we’d go so far as to recommend it as a required purchase for anyone with a Mac or iOS device. Although iCloud Keychain offers some of the same basic functionality on Safari, 1Password is a far more full-featured, cross-platform tool (with Windows and Android apps also available) capable of generating unique passwords for each site, managing credit card data, and securing notes, reward programs, and other sensitive data.

With the latest version for iOS, 1Password is also a more gorgeous experience as well. The app has always been stylishly attractive, but AgileBits dramatically overhauled the user interface while adding support for iOS 7 services like AirDrop, which allows users to share items between devices. More importantly, search is now prominently placed everywhere you need it—a godsend to users with more logins and secure data than organizational skills.

(Via Mac|Life all.)

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