Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Eight amazing quotes from experts who were sure the iPhone would flop

Eight amazing quotes from experts who were sure the iPhone would flop -

The iPhone is a success -- there is no argument to be made that it's not -- but prior to its debut, various upgrades, redesigns and record-breaking sales figures, there were plenty of folks who thought it would flop.

Now that we've seen the release of eight different iPhones, let's take a look back at some of the most ridiculous things that eight "experts" have said about Apple's original foray into the smartphone market.

  • "This is not a great phone. It's an interesting design." -- Rob Enderle, analyst with the Enderle Group
  • "That virtual keyboard will be about as useful for tapping out emails and text messages as a rotary phone. Don't be surprised if a sizable contingent of iPhone buyers express some remorse at ditching their BlackBerry when they spend an extra hour each day pumping out emails on the road." -- Seth Porges, CrunchGear
  • "Apple will sell a few to its fans, but the iPhone won't make a long-term mark on the industry." -- Matthew Lynn, columnist at Bloomberg
  • "I'm more convinced than ever that, after an initial frenzy of publicity and sales to early adopters, iPhone sales will be unspectacular." -- David Haskin, Computerworld
  • "Implementing a cellphone is absolutely more difficult than anything Apple's done to date. Go out and buy an iPod and hold it at waist level and drop it. That's the end of the iPod. I don't think Apple's going to be a big player in this at all." -- Edward Snyder, analyst with Charter Equity Research
  • "There is no reason to have an 8GB iPod on the phone. Give us a 2GB capacity so we can put our favorite stuff on it and listen when we want, cut the price to $299 and you may have something." -- Todd Sullivan, Seeking Alpha
  • "[The iPhone] will have very little impact on the business community." -- Avi Greengart, analyst with Current Analysis
  • "Sales for the phone will skyrocket initially. However, things will calm down, and the Apple phone will take its place on the shelves with the random video cameras, cellphones, wireless routers and other would-be hits." -- Michael Kanellos, editor at CNET

Yes, hindsight is 20-20. That said, you are now encouraged to point at these quotes and laugh maniacally.

(Via The Unofficial Apple Weblog (TUAW).)

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