Sunday, June 30, 2013

Square Takes on eBay with New Online Market Service for Small Business

Square Takes on eBay with New Online Market Service for Small Business -

Square Market

Are you a small business with excess inventory you'd love to unload? Before you click on that eBay "Sell" link, Square wants you to know that it's now a player in the online commerce business.

Square announced the launch of Square Market today, billed as "an online marketplace for businesses to sell everything from handmade jewelry, housewares and merchandise, to yoga lessons and beauty services."

The service is aimed at local businesses across the United States and offers free listings and a flat low fee of 2.75 percent per item sold. Square Market skips the costly web development and inventory management of other services, and items can be posted to Twitter for discovery and sharing.

“We’re focused on making easy-to-use tools for merchants that create an incredible experience for their customers -- no matter where they are," explains Ajit Varma, Square’s Director of Discovery. "Creating an online marketplace is our next step in making commerce easy for everyone. Square Market makes local businesses accessible to customers down the block and across the country.”

The service is likely to appeal to small businesses already using Square as their key method of payment -- item libraries sync straight across from Square Register, and setup takes only minutes.

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