Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Baseball Card Trading Goes Digital with Topps' BUNT 2013

Baseball Card Trading Goes Digital with Topps' BUNT 2013 -

BUNT 2013There was a time not so long ago when kids were kept busy with trading cards instead of mobile apps. Now, the current generation can do both at once with a new digital trading card game for iOS.

The Topps Company announced the release of BUNT 2013 on Thursday, an update to the company's  exclusive Major League Baseball trading card game for iOS, which brings a classic tradition into the digital age.

Available as a free, universal app for the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad, BUNT 2013 promises to make collecting MLB trading cards more fun and even more social, with "every detail of classic card collecting" available to fans again.

The app includes 300 Major League Baseball star players, a digital exclusive only Topps can claim. BUNT 2013 updates collectors on the value of their cards in real time, based on how your favorite player is doing on the field at any given time, with "heat indexes" to see at a glance where they stand.

With the included Facebook and Twitter integration, trading card collectors can chat and even trade digital cards with others, including three-for-one trading to aid users in landing even the most rare cards without going broke in the process.

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