Wednesday, October 31, 2012

"Much More for Much Less": Amazon Jabs iPad mini on Website

"Much More for Much Less": Amazon Jabs iPad mini on Website -

Amazon: Much More for Much LessAmazon isn't going to take the iPad mini lying down, going on the offensive with a direct comparison between its $199 Kindle Fire HD and Apple's latest $329 media darling -- and they're taking the fight to their website homepage.

Amazon is taking no prisoners in its battle for seven-inch tablet dominance, updating the front page of its website on Sunday to explain why its Kindle Fire HD offers "much more for much less."

Headlined by an iPad mini-dissing quote from Gizmodo, a big chunk of screen real estate on Amazon's homepage is now taken up by a direct comparison between the company's $199 Kindle Fire HD and Apple's iPad mini, which starts at $329.

Amazon takes Apple to task for its lower-resolution display, the lack of HD content and the iPad mini having only a mono speaker -- all for $130 more than the Kindle Fire HD. And if that's not enough, Amazon has posted a full "More for Less" page on its website, offering even more cold, hard facts on why you should buy a Kindle Fire HD.

"Kindle Fire HD features 30 percent more pixels and 33 percent more pixels-per-inch than iPad mini, which means clearer, sharper images," the web page reads. "With Kindle Fire HD, you can watch HD movies and TV -- you can’t on iPad mini because it's not an HD device. And because low-quality sound can ruin your HD entertainment experience, Kindle Fire HD features better audio with dual stereo speakers and Dolby Digital Plus. Additionally, Kindle Fire HD offers fast Wi-Fi with dual band, dual antennas + MIMO. With all this, Kindle Fire HD is still $130 less than iPad mini."

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