Wednesday, September 28, 2011

6 Things We'd Like to See in the New iPod

6 Things We'd Like to See in the New iPod -

iPod touch stacked

Apple yesterday announced that it's officially holding an event a week from now to announce new iOS products. Whether it's a new iPhone or a whole slew of iPods is a different story entirely, but it could very well be that this year we'll be seeing a refresh to everyone's favorite music player. With that in mind, here’s a look at what Cupertino might do to put the spotlight back on the iPod again.

While the iPod lineup is far from dead, Apple clearly sees the writing on the wall: More people are buying iPhones (and, to a lesser degree, iPads) which will has started to mean fewer people need an iPod. Sure, there will always be those among us who long for the sheer quantity of songs available on an iPod classic, or who enjoys the simple convenience and disposable nature of an iPod shuffle or iPod nano -- not to mention those who have no need for a cellular connection and call the iPod touch their friend.

Given that Apple isn’t likely to completely put a stake in the heart of its iPod line on the eve of its 10th anniversary, here are some thoughts on how the company might excite us about the iPod all over again.

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